Jan 082014

A loyal dog watched over his dead four-legged friend overnight in sub-zero temperatures after the other dog was run over by a car.

The small white dog was killed in the middle of a busy street, when he was hit by an unknown car.

Another sandy-colored dog stayed by the animal's side overnight, guarding the body as it lay in the road.

Eventually restaurant workers removed the dead dog's body, and buried it under a tree in a nearby park.

They were followed along the route by the other dog, who stayed with the workers until his friend had been buried.


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  1. Poor baby, so upsetting!

  2. Oh, God this is heartbreaking, poor little guys, help the one mourning, find another best and they both be adopted by the same loving forever family

  3. Wow that is touching

  4. very touchy. Greater loyalty than human animal. 

  5. awe poor baby, both of them…

  6. Poor baby! Animals are awesome creatures!

  7. And people still ask why some of us love them.

  8. It was never in any question for +Victoria Foreman  and I.  We love +Kiyomi Foreman like a daughter.  Stories such as these reinforce the compassion and loyalty of dogs.

  9. If only people were as loving as animals what kind world this would be

  10. So very distressing and very sad. I get so upset when animals die. There friendship and love is better than humans. Very sad to hear this story.

  11. That's what you call Loyal!

  12. Clearing off the tears.nothing left to say.

  13. makes u think who the real animals are…us i'd say

  14. Poor animal they keep each other warm no more.

  15. it brought tears to my eyes

  16. I have a chihuahua that sleeps on top of my sharpy literally

  17. i wish someone helped the one that survived, but that is expecting too much. rotten world.

  18. Excuse me, think I have something in my eye! :-(

  19. The cutest <3 A dog is our best friend ever. 

  20. Did tan dog get a forever home? So sad but true

  21. Ok now my day is officially ruined thanks

  22. Awwww heartbreaking

  23. BOOM, Right in the feels….

  24. OMG!!! That's so sad, but so loyal. People should learn from this. I hope they took the other dog to a shelter & got him a home

  25. Gotta love dogs… So similar to humans, only perhaps not intelligent enough to ever be manipulative cunts, which makes them all the more awsome

  26. Why didn't they help the other dog

  27. incredibly sad…..


  29. Fake story they just want to generate post count on their g+

  30. I know one dog is dead, but how is the other dog that is obviously still alive? Are any adult people doing anything to help with the situation? And who hits an animal and just leaves it? You know if you have hit an animal by accident. Some people are a waste of space and live and die miserably.

  31. to the motherfucker who ran over that dog, you will very soon die in a horrific car crash. you will. die. soon.

  32. Sweet but sad… no humans would do that.. Dogs have a heart human has to rock we need lessons from them….

  33. No love is more pure and true than the love of an animal.

  34. human will hurt u a dog would love you for the rest of his life to you: ) pleas b nice to all animals god bless all

  35. +Nikola Trkulja ok drama. everyone has a bad time but we don't compare bad relationships to the unconditional love of animals who are always awesome.

  36. Sad, but very sweet. When you boil down life, we should all ask to be taken care of like this.

  37. And once again i prefer dogs over people!

  38. That's the loyalty of our canine friends. Something we can learn :)

  39. Oh God I hope someone took that poor little guy in.

  40. If any1 knows where dog is id like to give him a place to live . Can't stop crying'

  41. Heartbreaking and so touching. I hope someone gives the other dog a warm home to live in!

  42. Gosh that's so sad, hope he gets a good home soon

  43. thats sad poor thing i howl to you

  44. I love the way Ken Foreman
    Said it. I too love my dog like a daughter, I call Gracie my puppy daughter. Dog's do have more empathy than most people,
    but I thank God for people that love and have empathy and compassion for animals, thank you Ken Foreman I could not have said it better !

  45. That would be a reason I tend to like animals over people.  Loyalty.

  46. This makes me sad and hopeful at the same time. If people could learn to love unconditionally and show true loyalty like dogs then the world would be a better place. 

  47. I agree with Audra, anyone that mistreats an animal is a waste of space

  48. And will do same with its master …… more loyal than any man could hope to be…..

  49. Hard to believe this drama went on for so long ??? …In middle of the road at that !! +Mateus Andrade +Audra Ashton Burroughs , yes I have the same questions /observations as you sadly !!!

  50. That is heart wrenching:(

  51. that's… sad :(

  52. +julie molloy you're a real sweetheart for that, it
    made me feel depressed and panicked

  53. Animals sometimes are more loyal humans just sad

  54. +Audra Ashton Burroughs I agree people like this are a waste of space and they deserve to die miserably

  55. +doreen khoo yes we do reep the same thing we do to other people and especially innocent animals , karma can't come soon enough for the one that did this

  56. +abraham viljoen that's the way I see it too

  57. +Audra Ashton Burroughs our dogs/ animals are never un- kind to us regardless of what's going on in our lives. they never insult us and never intentionally hurt us. this is the unconditional love the way God loved us ! this is why I know all animals will go to heaven but not all people will

  58. +barry marcellin yes & Grace, one of my favorite songs is Your grace and Mercy

  59. +Jc Santiago to my knowledge they always are and always will be

  60. Why did it take so long for Anyone to do anything?? Poor babys!!! :(

  61. Awwwe very loyal indeed ♥

  62. And most people don't regard animals as anything more than an object to be used as they see fit. We have so much to learn from them.

  63. Poor baby. Did someone rescue the dog. It doesnt need to go back to previous owner. I believe my two, Gracie and Ralph, would do the same.

  64. respect the canine

  65. His furry friend is in Rainbow Heaven and is glad to have left this cold, malicious world. Sad, but true!

  66. I hope that lliitle dog has a home

  67. So sweet ! We can Lear a lot from their love and loyalty !

  68. Amazing that animals are so much more compassionate than some humans. It is truly heartbreaking to see this. ..

  69. What a heartbreaking story sloop sad.

  70. Again, Dogs being BETTER than humans.

  71. Heart breaking. Animals definitely have more soul than humans. Animal lover.

  72. so sad :(:(:(:(:(::(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

  73. Awe…! Heartbreaking

  74. That is so sad a animals love knows no boundaries please be kind to them animals need love to

  75. The emotions of dogs as well as animals in general; love, anger, guilt, devotion, sorrow,grieving and happiness are all so much more credible than the emotions of human beings. Animals have no desire to manipulate, con*, deceive, wallow in self pity or to be drama kings or queens. The emotions of an animal are expressed straight from the heart and soul and are not filtered through the sorry state of affairs that comes with being a so called "higher functioning" human.
    * thought I better stipulate that in attempting to be rewarded with a yummy treat my dogs Chessie and Kiko can manipulate and con with all the acumen of the best film flam artists.

  76. Thats so sad….Beautiful friend

  77. So sad! So heartbreaking!

  78. Animals r so much more loyal than humans :D but humans aren't as loyal as dogs r Dx

  79. Who says they are just dumb animals?  More caring and much more loyal than many humans I know.  

  80. We can learn from them! R.I.P……..

  81. Once again, we have been out done by our four legged friends.

  82. oh, this is so sad, poor baby :(

  83. Awwww omg this is so sad! Thats also so sweet of the little guy!

  84. Poor thing! No one help the other dog? : (

  85. If we can't take care of animals, is there any hope for Humankind?

  86. :'( that is loyalty, friendship, love.

  87. I get so overwhelmed when I think of how many dogs (and cats and other animals for that matter) are out there that don't have homes, or do and are abused or neglected and have to go through things like this.  I have two rescues and it breaks my heart when their past causes comes up in their daily life and makes them shake or cower cry in their sleep.  I hope this dog found a home if it didn't already have one.  If you have a pet, hug them tight tonight.  If you don't have a pet, think about rescuing or adopting one or talk to a friend about the same.

  88. Wow! I'm speechless :-(

  89. +Pamela Pinkston Rescue animals are some of the most loyal.  We have one dog, four cats, and two rabbits that all came from rescue.  The only ones that didn't are our two guinea pigs and the fish in the pond!  

  90. +Evelyn Velasquez I believe the correct term is sad. Obviously his buddy he couldn't leave out in the cold, dead, and alone. Nothing cute, but alot of heart.

  91. Poor dogs. I'd like to take the one that is alive, and give him a good life. I'd also bury his friend for him so he doesn't just lay there.

  92. Does anyone know what happened to the dog that is still alive? I would love to give him/her a forever home. I clicked the link, but the story is not there. Any info would be appreciated. I'm sure anyone of us on this post would take him. Nice to see so many animal lovers here!

  93. Such a sweet story of loyalty and love.

  94. This is so sad. As a dog lover, no as a person that has been granted the experiences of having true best friends my heart goes out to this dog. 

  95. That's a friend to the end.

  96. I just don't get how people can be so cruel.

  97. My HEART Hurts With SADNESS

  98. +april accardo Because people's capacity to love is only matched by their capacity to be cruel. Can't have the Ying without the Yang.

  99. Wow. That's amazing.

  100. Oomg Thats true friendship..and so sad i cried..poor lil baby..hope the other dog got a home.and who ever did that gets theirs

  101. This is why I love dogs +Gator C.all animals for that matter.

  102. Aww this makes me sad

  103. +Shayla C me too  sis that is why I try to stand up for them

  104. This is why I have more time for my pets then I do for people

  105. Im the same way…. they will love you forever no matter…and they won't hurt you…sorry to say i love animals more then ppl..

  106. ok, and where is the alive dog now ??

  107. +Jessica Nicolosi Me too! I was in pieces when my Labrador had to be put to sleep. I've never felt THAT upset at the passing of a person. 

  108. Omg i know you was sooooooooo heart broken…My dog hes pit and mastiff hes getting old…i get sad just thinking bout…My dog knows when im sad happy sick depress..Hes always by my side.. ppl hurt kids older ppl and animals ..i think the same thing should happen to them…Im not a shame to say i would help a animal before a person…

  109. :'( i used to make temporary shelter for street dogs in winter season. Please save dogs :'(

  110. Nothing in the world like dog love . I hope someone took this other guy home.

  111. Dogs do have an awareness of others! I used to have three scotties and when one of them died, my other scotties looked all over the house for her :')

  112. Awwww poor things…. I feel so sorry for them

  113. +Jessica Nicolosi true it, dogs got a 6th sense and they know much more with a simple sight/ or smelling, than one of these complicated check-tac medical.

  114. why the fuck would you post this I don't like seeing dead dogs you prick

  115. Not all dogs are so loyal, this one is special I think.

  116. Awwwww, all dos would do this, if you ask me.

  117. It brings tears to my eyes!!!

  118. True story, happened in China.

  119. Cause dos, that do dos, all love a good do dos,there at their best do doing dos……..

  120. I use to save pits off the street and they was loyal and happy they was LOVED that they got saved..I've never had a promble wit any dog i saved.i had 11 pits running around me.sorry you feel that way..i feel your not a dog lover..lewis girvan all dogs are special..sorry you feel that way

  121. The dog cannot grasp or understand the concept of death… But has a firm hold of what loyalty is.

  122. The more I know the humans, the more I love the dogs!!

  123. Is so said but true

  124. AMEN!!!! They have more love than any HUMAN can or will ever think about giving!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Well that just ruined my day.

  126. So sad :'( that dog obviously loved the dead dog. Shows what love can do

  127. So sad, yet inspiring!

  128. Awwww_we should learn from our 4legged friends_LOYALTY :-)

  129. check out hachiko`s story. u `ll get the meaning of loyalty.

  130. I hope someone gave this dog a home!

  131. Lanny rosser…Thats sooooooooo thoughtful of you..i pray you find hem and have hem love happiest home forever..God bless you..

  132. +Budd Alden you said it all beautifully, but conning us for treats is funny, I like it when my dog comes me that way she's comical, she still loves me but she wants what she wants, can you imagine never having any say so about your life what goes on with it, never having any choice about who does what to you,
    my dog has free reign and has choice I let her have 99.9 percent of what she wants, but you did state everything so eloquently, I love your statement, has great power in it

  133. so sad r.i.p my buddy

  134. Now that's real freiendship

  135. +Jessica Nicolosi I have owned quite a few dogs, and I'm telling you they all have different personalities, they can be nearly as diverse as humans. That is why some dogs would eat your face off while you sleep and others would die for you.

  136. They are still special in their own way.not bad dogs bad breeds and bad owns..not the dog.fault..i love all dogs

  137. Let's do our part friends,when you see an dog or cat on the road try to avoid them.specialty at night,be safe also .and call animal control to pick up the dead pet.please .thank you all.

  138. +Jessica Nicolosi I agree totally, dogs are made bad by their owners. Although I think you aren't understanding what I was trying to say. I was only pointing out that not all dogs would do this, this dog here is above and beyond loyalty.

  139. +Dana Ortega can't wait!!! that asshole needs to die now!! i'm so angry with him! or her!

  140. Good day,  I wonder dogs very humane, very cruel people who do not sure

  141. +Jessica Nicolosi pit bulls are very loving companion and friends, if u raise a dog right that dog will do the right things. if u raise a human child to be mean, then that child will be a monster, this is for all of you that don't want pits. do you understand, it is the way you raise them. Jessica I don't understand prejudice against dogs, if this person has ever had a pitbull they would know how loyal and loving they are. I have a pitbull my sister has a pitbull, and I raise Rottweilers, these dogs pit and Rotties are lovely wonderful amazing dogs, the only people I know that's as perfect as these pitbulls and Rottweilers are the ones who love dogs. prejudice is the same when you're pre judging people and animals before you get to know them, thank you Jessica I share your sentiments

  142. Thnk you for understanding where I'm comen from..haven a pit you have to have alot of time and being loven..not every body can be a pit owner. It's like not every women meant to be a mother..pits are good dog's..i don't care Wat Any body say..

  143. I don't care what they think either, pit bulls are different in that they do suffer from separation anxiety when you're not with them, and I suffer the same thing I can't stand to be away from my pitbull, pit bulls are lovely dogs, and these people that won't give them a chance don't know what a blessing they can have in their life, where the pitbull as their best friend.God bless you Jessica

  144. Same to you dana..you have a good nite…

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