Jan 082014
1) Oculus Rift and "VG Tender" are real products.
2) Games and movies involving graphic sex are best-sellers (GTA, GoT, etc)
3) Polls show that nearly 50% of those polled would accept gratification from a robot.

If presented a CGI model and tactile stimulation, half of people will take advantage of it?

Robot Handjobs Are The Future, And The Future Is Coming

  3 Responses to “The Future Involves Sex, and Robots… and Sex”

  1. Uh…. What percentage of the men weren't teenage boys or unemployed middle are men that live in their parents basement?

  2. I'm sure there's a perfectly adequate market and money to be made from hormonally-driven boys and deprived middle-age men.

    Bob Guccione, Larry Flint, and Hugh Hefner didn't starve or lack for money peddling to the deprivations of others.

  3. I'm pretty sure people would have sex with even remotely humanoid robots, let alone ones that are designed specifically for stroking either set of genitals.

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