Aug 302013

Does it lie in the workplace,
Does it lie online,
Does it lie in a friendship,
Does it lie in the wag of a tail or the lick of a tongue,
Does it lie in a church?

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  5 Responses to “Where does Salvation lie?”

  1. I'm not a believer myself but I would answer your question with, surely Salvation lies within yourself?

  2. Many people deny themselves, saying that Salvation lies without rather than within.

    I'm an odd believer… raised Lutheran, well-read in most European faiths and mythologies.  I converted to Catholicism after attending for 10 years and being denied Communion each Sunday.  I still find myself in agreement more with Martin Luther than I do the Vatican, but I find that many of Luther's 95 Theses no longer hold as true after Vatican II.

    My faith is fairly simple: the universe is an awfully big place.  It's a pretty sad affair if we are pinnacle of creation.  There must be something greater than us, just as there are greater people than us.

  3. Well, each to their own.  I may not share other's beliefs myself but I respect their right to believe what feels right for them.  I only know that since turning my thoughts inwards and reflecting, meditating and examining times and scenarios past, that I have found some peace and 'salvation'.. it was within and within my power all along… but that's my personal take on it.

  4. I'm still looking for that introspect, reflection, and peace.  It comes upon me sometimes during my walks in the woods with Kiyomi, or my silence when I escape the world for a while.

    It always slips from my fingers though… it never lasts.  I'd like to find, and keep, some inner peace.

    I'm thankful you have found it. =)

  5. Yes, I found it the same as you have, keeping it is another matter….. :D similarly the cats, nature, art and music are triggers for it to arise naturally in me, so I try and do a lot of these things, otherwise I am no different to everyone else, work and daily life gets in the way of it….
    I also spend 90% of my life on my own, which I have no problem with, that helps too… lol

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