Aug 282013

I can't tell if this is viral marketing or an awesome revenge against an unscrupulous employer?

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  1. The employer doesn't have to be unscrupulous, he could just be broke. Maybe he hasn't been paid for HIS work. Or his truck which is his biggest capital investment is out of commission, so no work is happening. Or maybe she broke her back after tripping over a cat…haha…

  2. I don't know but the lawsuit is going to be interesting.

  3. But this reminds me of that Systems Administrator who held the Californian city captive… (I'll need to google article).  So much of what happens online isn't what it seems.

    This could just as easily be a marketing gimmick by NYC Fresh Market, or a web designer with site access wanting more money then originally negotiated.

  4. I don't know, generally clients that don't pay their designers because they already have the design – or think they do – are unscrupulous.  It seems like sometimes some people feel like once they have the product they are no longer obligated to pay for it.

    I'd be sorely tempted to do this.  I'm mainly a print designer, and I never give my freelance clients a printable final file until they actually pay me. Fortunately, I haven't had a real problem with that yet.

    I suppose it could be a situation where a set price was given, but the client wanted more changes/took more of the designers time than was allotted, but didn't know about (or more likely didn't want to pay) the extra fees. I hope the designer had a nice, signed contract.

  5. I suspect this is illegal no matter how you slice it.  Failure to pay is a court issue, but interfering with business and livelihood is fraud.

    This could end up being a felony conviction for the web designer if the owner can demonstrate damages and loss.

  6. You're probably right about the mocking note on the site itself.  Is that considered slander?

    Although if the designer had just taken down the site and refused to restore it until payment was made, that would probably be well within his legal right.

  7. If you view page source, you see a note from the designer. I think it's real.

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