Jul 062013

Experiments in Photography using a Pint of Weihenstephan

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  1. Nice shots +Ken Foreman. What equipment are you using?

  2. Thanks!
    I'm using a Sony NEX-7 with a 18-200mm lens, with following settings for the Macro shot:
    Focal Length - 62mm
    Exposure - 1/100
    F Number - f/5.6
    ISO - 1250

  3. +Trey Ratcliff would be happy ;) Have you seen his latest videos and posts on the #nex7photography  ?

  4. Yes, I regularly read (and occasionally post to ) Sony NEX Photography at:

    +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk are my idols on Google+.  Most of their photography is well outside my skill set, but I sometimes make it a challenge to analyze their photography and try to reproduce several shots.

    I grew up with Olympus and Pentax, used Nikon for a decade, and now I'm shooting with a Sony NEX-7.  I have a 16mm pancake, 18-50mm, and 18-200mm for most of photography.

    I've been meaning to get a Looxcie2 or Contour+ ROAM2 for my action photography (dog videos, canine agility, trail riding, and hiking).

  5. Personally, I like today's:

    But my wife hates it.  She asked that I delete it from Facebook, and she barely tolerates it on Google+.  Personally, I think she's beautiful in both shot.

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