TechCrunch: Google Plus is like Frankenstein's Monster

06 Jul

Admirable ambition, but unless your UX design is superb, you wind up seeming like a bundle of individually good ideas bolted together awkwardly into a shambling mess. Like Frankenstein.

But that’s not actually the criticism it may seem. People tend to think of Boris Karloff’s portrayal of a brute monster: but Mary Shelley’s original novel had the subtitle The Modern Prometheus, and its creation was eloquent, educated, and intelligent, but unfairly rejected by most of the world because of his physical deformities and inability to fit in. Alas, I fear the same may be true of Google Plus.

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Google Plus Is Like Frankenstein’s Monster | TechCrunch
Your humble correspondent begs your indulgence for this flu-fuelled stream-of-consciousness post, but deadlines wait for no virus, so needs must I expel the contents of my febrile mind onto this screen and thence to yours.

To wit: Google Plus is a total mess.

You probably knew that already…

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  1. Ken Foreman

    Ken ForemanNo Gravatar

    July 6, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    As a fan of Mary Shelley, I thought the analogy to The Modern Prometheus is apropos.  I would take that as a compliment, not a criticism.  Prometheus brought fire, intelligence, and civilization to Mankind.