May 112013

Download Speed: 72.80 Mbps
Upload Speed: 29.61 Mbps
Ping: 34ms

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  18 Responses to “Verizon Quantum FiOS Speedtest Results (Sterling, VA)”

  1. Nice… it's already proven worth it, copying DVD ISOs in a fraction of the time.

  2. So my new routers arrived yesterday allowing me to recable my house. We have Verizon Quantum FiOS for internet and Comcast for HD TV, secondary internet, and video-on-demand.

    Comcast Courtesy Services approved my Xfinity Home Self-Install Kit (SIK), so I'll have Xfinity Home (Security/Control) on Wednesday, May 15th:

  3. amazing download speeds I am lucky to get 12 mbps

  4. I get 68Mbps but they say I will get 80s soon. I am excited.

  5. I upgraded from 30/30 to 75/35.  It should be 75Mbps down, 35Mbps up.  It's pretty close to it. Both Comcast and Verizon are working on 105Mbps in this area, but it's still too expensive for that jump from 75Mbps to 105Mbps.

  6. i went from 40 to 60 for $5.00 and they said 80 would be soon. I am lucky to live close enough to a hub but most of my city is too country to be on the "cutting edge" LOL

  7. which net work frnd

  8. +uraj king, this is with Verizon in the US. They use fiber to the house, call their internet service "FiOS."

  9. +Ken Foreman is that on wired gigabit? I just upgraded to 75/35 I get about the same on wired and I get between 20 and 30 on WiFi 2.4 GHz N was hoping to get more on WiFi

  10. nyc upload speed

  11. thats the one i use ,very good

  12. And I'm stuck with the crap that ATT tries to pawn off as their FIOS competitor. The highest package they have is 18/1.5 because you know no one uses upstream :-(

  13. +Yvette Mitchell Yes, that was on wired gigabit.  I'll have to run the same speedtest on 802.11n.  I'm surprised it's that much of a difference?  You only got 20-30Mbps on N?

  14. This is sick we are happy with 2 meg if you get 10 meg line or Internet of any type it blows people's minds how fast it is Hahahhaha thanks South Africa

  15. Yeah +Ken Foreman I'm in an apt so it's not distance and signal is OK usually just drop 1 bar when I'm not close to the router.

  16. +Yvette Mitchell I'm in a townhouse community, and WiFi is pretty much saturated.  Scanning for access points shows over 30 SSID nearby, running a channel analyzer shows most of them on Channel 6, but a good bell curve from 3 to 11.

    Back when WiFi was ridiculously expensive (~2003), I had a Cisco Aeronet with a 350MA amplifier and a 12dBi Omni so that I could get wireless coverage from anywhere in my neighbor.  I had neighbors riding off my internet for free, I only asked that they contribute when I did hardware upgrades to improve signal quality or bandwidth.

    Now even with the amp on a Buffalo 802.11n, there's so much wireless that SSIDs stomp on one another.  Interference is too great between 3 floors of a townhouse, let alone a 100-300 feet of walking around the neighborhood.

  17. Makes sense I'm in a mid rise bldg so I guess this may be as good as it gets

  18. +Ken Foreman im using "tata docomo" in india.,ill check my internet service., very slow yar.,

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