Feb 022013

Lunch at Döner Bistro

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  5 Responses to “Lunch at Döner Bistro”

  1. Looks different than what I know.
    Is that some sausage with sauce on the left?

  2. Currywurst with a curried barbecue sauce on top. How is currywurst served there?

  3. Uh-oh… ;-)
    Currywurst is a German tradition. The best actually comes from Wolfsburg, from the Volkswagen factory.
    They produce around 30% more than the VW employees can eat and this is then packed and sold in three large supermarket chains.

    Having that said, Döner/Kebab/Dürüm etc.are not served in the same restaurants or bistros that offer Currywurst.
    It is a bit of a cultural clash.

    Both types of food are very popular but somehow they don't mix here. Maybe some narrow cuisine sense based on generations of regional traditions ;-)

    Here in Sweden, there is no Currywurst at all.

  4. I figured as much, that the döner, pommes, and currywurst wouldn't all be served in the same establishment. This restaurant is run by a German ex-pat and his wife. While the food is very good, it's an eclectic mix of cuisines.

    I never realized that currywurst's history was intertwined with that of Volkswagen. Kaiser-Permanente here in the US has a similar history, having become a national HMO with roots as a medical service for a railroad union.

  5. Maybe it is a step forward to drop the old clichés and barriers and just say…
    "hey, if the food is good, don't bother about the background, just enjoy the taste" :-)

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