Feb 042013

I'm about to have a cranial MRI performed to make sure I don't have any larger issues behind my migraines and recent ocular migraine…

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  1. Good luck.  Our prayers are with you.

  2. Best of luck. I hope it's nothing else. I get ocular migraines too.

  3. Took about a half-hour in MRI. I disliked that "hockey mask" they clamped over my head to immobilize it. Between the mask and the tube, I was a bit anxious when I first got put in. I closed my eyes and thought of Michael Creighton's 'Coma' while the machine pinged, whirred, and buzzed around me.

    They told me that I won't know the results for another 2 days, when they release it to my doctor.

  4. Best wishes for good news on your results!

  5. Thanks! Hopefully it's nothing. I have a lifelong history of migraines, but I suffered a concussion a few years ago, and then had my first ocular migraine a few weeks ago. It scared me, I didn't there were such things as ocular migraines, particularly when I didn't have my usual aura first that precedes most migraines for me.

    Hoping it's nothing…

  6. Hope you receive good news in a few days.

  7. I hope it's ok, I am sure it is! I always pretend like I am going to space on some future machine when I have these done. :D

  8. Best wishes, hope it all will be good news.

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