Jan 302013

40 gals on reserve, 30 gals loaded, able to power house for 10-14 days with a 9kW generator to three UPSes

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  3 Responses to “Ready for Any Storm”

  1. My 5k gen would burn 70 gal in 14 days running it 10 hours a day. Might need a bit more gas. Oh fyi alot of the generators i seen seem to leak a bit of oil get 3-4 extra quarts.

  2. I burned 5gal in 3 day during last derecho, but that was with running the fridge and upright freezer at maximum temperatures without defrosting. Under a heavier load, I'd expect 3-6gal/day to power a fridge, freezer, 22000 BTU HVAC, network, TV, lights, and accessories.

  3. Might be a good test to go off-the-grid for a day or weekend to see how much gas it burns and how much oil it loses. Not sure if my neighbors would appreciate a 48-hour burn test.

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