Jan 152013

Four LCSO deputies with flashers and spotlights on, surrounding a neighborhood block…

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  1. Wonder what this is about? 4 deputies is overkill for a traffic stop, but we've been more "interesting" here lately.

  2. For yesterday alone, for the areas within walking distance of my house, here's what happened on

    Monday, January 14, 2013 
    Eastern Loudoun Station (north-eastern Sterling, VA)
    (Sectors 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290) 

    1700 hrs. 
    2115 hrs. 
    46200 block 
    Cranston St. 
    Larceny: Unknown subject(s) entered a vehicle and removed a purse and its contents. 

    1800 hrs. 
    0830 hrs. 
    100 block 
    Connemara Dr. 
    Destruction of Property: A vehicle was discovered with all four tires slashed and a windshield was damaged. 

    0930 hrs. 
    1600 hrs. 
    Leatherleaf Drive/ 
    Bramble Ct. 
    Auto Theft: A 2010 Suzuki motorcycle was reported taken from the area of Leatherleaf Drive and Bramble Court. 

    1730 hrs. 
    47000 block 
    Compton Cir. 
    Assault: A 10-year-old was playing outside of their residence when an unknown subject ran by and pushed him to the ground. The area was canvassed and no subject was located. The child was not seriously injured. 

    1925 hrs. 
    70 block 
    Sudbury Sq. 
    Destruction of Property: Unknown subject(s) damaged a window to a residence. A 
    rock was determined to have caused the damage. 

    2100 hrs. 
    2110 hrs. 
    Route 7/Augusta Dr. 
    Robbery: A 50-year-old victim reported that he was exiting a store in the Cedar Lake Plaza when he went to get into his vehicle. An unknown subject was reportedly inside the van and brandished a knife and demanded money. The suspect told the victim to drive to an area near Augusta Drive. At one point the victim exited the vehicle and reached for his cell phone. The suspect then fled on foot. No money was taken during the incident. 

    2225 hrs. 
    2230 hrs. 
    21000 block 
    Southbank St. 
    Auto Theft: A resident left their 2005 Nissan Altima running and unattended. The victim returned after a short period of time and discovered the vehicle was taken.

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