Are Compromises Contrary to Human Nature?

30 Jan

"I'm right, you're wrong."
"No, I'm right, you're wrong!"
It doesn't matter what the topic is. Whether you prefer iPhones or Androids, PCs or Macs, Hybrids or Humvees, Liberals or Conservatives, Gun-Rights or Gun-Bans, God or Godless, it seems our ability to compromise as human beings and as a civilized society is waning.

No matter how ardently I believe in something: be it technology, sexuality, religion, finance, self-defense, or whatever, I am quite willing to hear you out and listen to your position.

I do not believe in absolutes, I'm not entirely certain they exist.  Absolute Zero and the Speed of Light as constants already have loopholes in physics allowing us to change how we perceive and experience them, but our human dogma is beyond reproach?

There were at least 3 instances today where I found myself either talking with or listening to others who believe themselves to be entirely civilized, rational beings, but utterly incapable of compromise or accepting any other reality than their own.

Is this what we have come to?  Or were we always like this?  Is the concept of being altruistic or compromising contrary to our basic human instinct?  Is the only way for me to be right is for you to be wrong?  Will I remain wrong because your opinion is the only right?

It's a shame that man has no other predators on earth.  Lacking anything greater than ourselves, we turn on ourselves.  We've made each other the enemy.

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