Sep 212012

I love Weihenstephaner Weissbier but I'm torn between döner, schnitzel, or currywurst as the best meal to accompany my weissbier…

And they wonder why Vicky and I order so much every time we visit! …It's all so good, we can't decide on just one.

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  2 Responses to “Lunch at Döner Bistro (Leesburg, VA)”

  1. Yummmmm, you're making me want to go back to Cafe Berlin near Union Station.

  2. I've been to Cafe Berlin a couple of times, but I like the atmosphere of Döner Bistro more.  Both have excellent beer selections, but the currywurst and doner in Leesburg are better.  I never tire of bratwurst or currywurst. ;)

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