Jul 192014
I truly hope that JIBO (http://www.myjibo.com) fulfills the potential it really has to be. iRobot did a wonderful job introducing the Roomba into peoples' homes, but JIBO can kickstart and revolutionize social robotics in the home.

I would love to see how JIBO interacts with the family, able to learn faces, gestures, and control home appliances via Bluetooth, WiFi, and Zigbee?

Jul 192014

In album Robbie and Toshiro

Walt got to see the puppies yesterday.  Some beautiful pictures of Robbie and Walt together, and a great picture of little Toshiro sleeping with his brothers.

That's Toshiro sleeping between his litter mates in the first picture!  Toshiro will be joining +Victoria Foreman, +Kiyomi Foreman and I next Saturday!