Happy Easter!

19 Apr

In album Happy Easter from Kiyomi

+Kiyomi Foreman would like to wish all our family & furriends a very Happy Easter!

Waiting for the gold/brown Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

18 Apr
Better battery life, thinner/lighter, better screen, better specs, more apps (and more coming soon). Obviously my watchface will feature a Sheltie.

Engadget's major complaint was price… specs and performance look good.

Samsung Gear 2 review: much improved, but that doesn’t mean you should buy it
2013 was the year of the smartwatch. In promise, anyway — maybe not delivery. Of the many, many different, colorful and unusual timepieces that would


Waiting for Toshirō

15 Apr

In album Jennie and Kaelie

+Kiyomi Foreman will be having a baby brother born soon to Jade Mist Shetland Sheepdogs (Davidsonville, MD).

Seeing Walt's Jennie and Kaelie together, +Victoria Foreman and I are excited about having a puppy-brother for Kiyomi to grow up with and teach.

Expect to see many more Sheltie and puppy pictures in the coming months.


Evening Walkies with Kiyomi

14 Apr

In album Evening Walkies with Kiyomi

Our evening walk with +Kiyomi Foreman as we stop to sniff all the flowering trees…

Shopping with  Kiyomi

14 Apr

In album Shopping with Kiyomi

Shopping with +Kiyomi Foreman at DogGone Natural in Ashburn, VA.

Cale: Hey, for your information, I happen to be humanity's last great hope.

14 Apr
Cale: Hey, for your information, I happen to be humanity's last great hope.
Preed: I weep for the species.

…to quote Titan A.E. (2000) when I see how reckless and careless we are about the world we live in.

Mounds of trash take the bloom off cherry blossoms
They came for the cherry blossoms, but crowds also wound up photographing trash heaps


Sunrise over Sterling, VA

14 Apr

In album 4/14/14

Sunrise over Sterling, VA

Morning Drive to Daycare

07 Apr

In album Morning Drive to Daycare

Going to Olde Towne Pet Resort with +Kiyomi Foreman on a rainy Monday morning…

Evening Walkies by the Daffodils

06 Apr

In album Evening Walkies by the Daffodils

Taking a walk with +Kiyomi Foreman this evening when we found a field of daffodils in full bloom.

Sunday Aftenoon with Ken & Kiyomi

06 Apr

In album Sunday Afternoon with Ken & Kiyomi

Walking around Lake Newport with +Kiyomi Foreman and relaxing in the sun together back at home.